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  • Data quality improvement
  • Organizational assessment pricing systems readiness
  • Enterprise software selection support
  • Enterprise software solution design and implementation planning

Many companies are considering enterprise pricing software to solve their pricing challenges, and Insight Analytics can help throughout the software selection and implementation lifecycle.

Many companies ignore readiness assessments or are overly influenced by software companies who simply want to close the deal. In these cases, important questions can go unanswered. For example, does the company have the right data and systems to feed the pricing software? Or does the company have the right people and processes to leverage the software once implemented? Insight Analytics can provide an unbiased assessment to help the company understand what pricing challenges can be addressed with a software implementation and what challenges will remain so the company can make an informed decision about the scope and the timing of a possible software implementation.

In addition to a readiness study, we can help companies develop clear business requirements based on strategic importance and expected business benefits. Leveraging consultants with this step can significantly reduce time, costs, and organizational fatigue involved with implementation by developing a better plan. Keep in mind that the implementation specialists who will actually do the planning and implementation are software experts, not pricing experts. Most of them have never developed a single pricing strategy or created a single price list before.

Finally, we assist companies with solution design and implementation planning involving both the business and IT. The world of business intelligence is evolving quickly and there are more viable options available for companies now than ever before. Insight Analytics can design the right solution and help determine whether a single-solution approach or best-of-breed approach works best for the company’s needs.

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