Pricing Strategy

Illustrative Projects

  • Quick wins to capture financial benefits and to fund future projects
  • Customer lifecycle and product lifecycle pricing strategies
  • Value-based pricing strategies

Many companies can achieve significant financial improvements by undertaking opportunistic pricing initiatives. Examples include measuring customer and product profitability more accurately, customer segment based pricing, and programs designed to control over-discounting. These initiatives are critical to generate quick wins, especially for new pricing leaders, and to assess the company’s execution capabilities. Insight Analytics helps pricing leaders develop initiatives to generate quick wins with organizational constraints in mind and can provide the support necessary to overcome those constraints in the short term.

In order to generate sustained long-term success, pricing strategies must be linked to clear corporate strategies. However, some companies do not operate with clear corporate strategies. In these cases, the pricing strategies can be linked to sales strategy, operations strategy, and/or product strategy depending on the company. Insight Analytics helps pricing leaders build partnerships with other company leaders so everyone can work together rather than disagreeing due to conflicting views on how to compete in a particular market. Once the departments are aligned in their goals and approaches, Insight Analytics can then determine the right pricing strategies to achieve common objectives.

Pricing Execution

Pricing Systems
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