Distributors: Increase Your Profitability by Up to 30%

"Insight Analytics helped me identify key areas of sales and profit improvement. Then they provided the support necessary to generate real dollars back to my company. Their service was very affordable for a company of my size, and we improved our gross profit by more than four times our investment in the first 12 months."

Owner, $20M electrical distributor in a major market

Overcome Key Challenges

Web-based solution to overcome your ERP limitations

"We are too small to pay for one of the big ERP systems. Our ERP doesn’t provide easy-to-use, meaningful reports to help me make good decisions fast. The reporting we get from Insight Analytics finally provides me with information that is meaningful and actionable to me."

President, $20M - $30M electrical distributor in a major market

Specialists to review, analyze, and recommend action

"We spend most of our time fighting fires instead of growing our business. Insight Analytics now helps us manage pricing, sourcing, and inventory. They generated significant returns by revamping our pricing matrix, helping with supplier negotiations, and optimizing inventory levels."

President, $10M - $20M electrical distributor in a rural market

What We Do

We help our distributors:

  • Measure customer profitability
  • Highlight improvement opportunities
  • Measure sales performance
  • Monitor sales performance against forecast/budget

We help our distributors:

  • Establish effective price matrices
  • Execute quarterly or annual price increases with ease
  • Measure price adoption and price overrides to take management action

We help our distributors:

  • Manage inventory of multiple branches as a network
  • Optimize safety stock, order frequency, and order quantity

We help our distributors:

  • Negotiate better into stock discounts and SPA costs
  • Estimate project material costs
  • Streamline SPA and back-end rebate administration
  • Analyze the impact of cost increases from suppliers

How it Works

We host, validate, cleanse, and manage your data so there is no IT burden on you.  Send us the data and we will do the rest.

Our reports are actionable and easy to understand. We know because we use the same reports we create for you, to make our own recommendations.

"So what?" Unfortunately, this is the reaction of many people when they see reports. We will review and analyze the results to highlight what is truly important to you.

Sometimes an identified business opportunity requires some effort to realize the true benefits. We can provide necessary consulting support ourselves or work with our consulting partners to help you realize those benefits.

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